Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Learning Continues...

Made it back up to Nitinat lake this past weekend (this time with Susan and the dog), for some more learning, and to test out my new gear. Everything works great! I'm really glad I took my time researching and buying gear!!!

(this is my favourite shot of the lake--I think it's from a float plane)

Managed to borrow a car, and make the drive myself (with Susan and the pooch). Unlabeled logging roads can be a bit intimidating. We did get a bit lost (drove about 40 unnecessary kms), but we made it. Unfortunately, we got there just as the wind was dying, at around noon.

The clearing in the forest is Nitinat village. The beach where we launch is at the bottom:
So Saturday didn't work, but Sunday was still a good time. I booked an 'assisted downwinder' with the school. This is basically learning on your own while they supervise you, and pick you up with their boat once you're at the downwind end of the lake. It's a fairly cheap way to learn, as opposed to one-on-one lessons, because they take out four people at a time.

I definitely gained a lot of confidence, but still need some lake-practice before I'm ready for Victoria-based kiteboarding.

Susan took some good pics...

Kites back on the beach, just after the wind died down:

More beach kites; someone getting water-launched:

Barkley, keeping an eye on the water, ready to rescue kooks in trouble:

The old-growth forest where we camped:

Me, seting up before a run:

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