Monday, July 27, 2009

My Kite!!!

It's an 8 square meter SLE (supported leading edge) kite, made by --you guessed it-- Ocean Rodeo!

On older designs, all four lines come straight off the wingtips.

But on Supported Leading Edge kites, like mine, the rear lines (steering lines) still come off the rear wingtips, but the front lines are connected to a bridle on the leading edge. This gives the kite much more de-power (and thus a wider wind range).

With older designs, you'd need as many as 6 kites to be able to sail in the 15 to 30 knot wind range, but with SLE kites, you can get away with one or two!

Here, you can see the back left line coming off the rear wingtip.

Also, there are several attachment points for the lines, which can alter the performance of the kite.

Guess what I'll be doing this long weekend (and every weekend, for that matter)...

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