Saturday, July 11, 2009

Gear: My board

Well, after way too much research and apprehension, I've finally begun buying gear. I bought the first piece yesterday: a 129 x 39 cm, 2009 Ocean Rodeo 'Zen' board.

It's slightly used -- about a dozen times. I managed to get it for less than half the new price, plus six dozen beers (One more reason why I love my job!).

It's a twin-tip, meaning that you can ride it with either tip forward. That's opposed to a directional board, a.k.a. surf-style board.

The foot pads are big and cushy. They make my feet look tiny!

This pic shows the 'rocker', the tip-to-tip curve.

With the board upside down, and a straight edge across the width, you can see the 'concave' of the board. My board has a 7mm concave.

The board (as with most twin-tips) has four fins. The fins are removable, either with a screwdriver, or by accidentally riding through a kelp bed!

This is how I got it home.

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