Monday, July 27, 2009

All set!

I finally have all my gear!

Last week a package came with my harness, helmet, impact vest, and a few other odds and ends. Then on Saturday came the star of the show, my kite.

Take a look!

This is my harness. Like most of my gear, it's made by Ocean Rodeo. Unlike most of my gear, it's not used. This is called a 'hybrid harness'. Before this design, harnesses were either 'waist' or 'seat' style. This is basically a waist harness, but with removable leg straps, so it can be worn low, like a seat harness (easier for learning, and easier on the back).

Also, that's my kite leash attached to it.

The red tab on the left side of the harness is an eject tab. If something goes wrong, and I unhook my kite from my harness, I'm still attached to my front lines via my kite leash, hanging off the back of the harness (see below). This should leave the kite fluttering; powerless.

That is, unless something's really gone bad. In that case, I pull my eject tab, and the strap attaching the leash to my harness will let go.

If THAT fails, the leash itself also has a release.

But that's not all... On the other side of the harness is another red tab.

As a last resort, this harness holds a hook knife, to cut my lines. Something I hope I'll never have to use!

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